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May God Bless You!

King of Kings community Centre is a Helpful Home for those in need of friendship and support through brights and shades of everyday. We believe that caring comes with abundance of blessings. We are living life of love and dedication, trying as much as possible to follow Word and example of our Lord Jesus. Gods Grace allowed us to help local community in variety of ways. We are providing multitude of social actions to release pressure of daily struggle, and bring a ray of Gods Glory into shadows of modern life.


House of Hope is a Home for Rainham Foodbank.


House of Hope is a Home for Rainham Clothesbank

Basic skills

House of hope provides courses and trainings.

sewing project

Learn how to sew in House of Hope.


If You don't know what to do? Seek for answers in House of Hope.

budgeting and money management

You're losing track of Your finances and don't know how manage your money? We will assist You!

advocacy and advise service

Lost in maze of legal terms? Our advise would make it clear for You.

Music Lessons for all ages

saturdays 5pm

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