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The ‘Men of Excellence’ is an arm of the Church that carters for the welfare of men within and outside the church and by extension their families.

One of the principal missions of the church is “Mission” using the tool of ‘fellowship’ which aims to unite people into caring Christian families and overall community of faith, equipping people to be fruitful citizens and soldiers of the Kingdom.

It is our firm belief that the best way to achieve the ‘vision’ of the parish which is “Raising a healthy and rapturable Christian community” is to come together, advice and lift one another every step of the way. Our conviction is derived from the book of Proverbs, 15, 22, “Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established”.

We are code named “MEN OF EXCELLENCE” because we believe that what becomes of the children and our women is up to us. When a man exhibits the virtues of excellence the family and by extension our communities are better for it. Bounded by this love and care for one another, under the effective spiritual leadership of the Pastor of the parish and the President of the group, we encourage men to take the front seat in the affairs of the church, their families, and the community. This has lead to the growing commitment of the men of KKCC in church, community, and most importantly their family activities.

Being gifted with a life coach as a member, and so many gifted speakers, counsellors, and wise men, our young men, and the marriageable adults are tutored and groomed for effective life of leadership in every aspect of life. Also because of the over busy and sometimes boring nature of life and the need to chill out, we have a programme called ‘Family night out’ which is a whole package of fun and excitement held normally during the summer holiday.

Are you struggling with addictions or just want to overcome disappointment, loneliness, depression? Then this is the place to be. Come have fun with friends and family members in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Finally, Heaven being our ultimate destination, the men of excellence find time to engage in spiritual retreats, revivals and seminars where our hearts are charged and fired up for the work of evangelising our communities. Our doors are open for men willing to make a change in their lives, environs as well as give their lives a lift. Come along and enter this boat of love whose destination is ultimately Heaven.

The Lord Bless you as you come.      

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