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The choir family is made up of worshippers gifted by God to bring praise, glory and honour to the name of our Lord Jesus through the ministration of music, songs and dance. 

Together we stand out, individually we are united with love for God and music. We know that in giving our all, we are touched by the spirit of God in uplifting souls, unlocking healing and releasing the power of God upon lives.

This is the weapon we need to go out as apostles to draw souls to Jesus Christ 

Praise is what we do, it’s a way of life it keeps us aligned with God therefore whatever the word of God cannot give us, we don’t need it.

So come join us

Be a part of the gospel

Be a part of us

So together, through or vision,

We can bring praise and worship,

true melody to the heart of God almighty.


God bless You!

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