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Who we are? the engine room of the church. Our primary responsibility is to uphold and strengthen the spiritual hand of the church through continuous intercession.


Our vision: Our vision is to ensure that the worship environment is saturated by God’s Divine presence before any service; fellowship meeting or an important programme in the church begins.


Membership: Our membership is drawn from very committed spirit filled Christians who understand the place and importance of prayer in the House of God.


Why the Intercessory Ministry: The Word of God says that ‘our weapons of warfare are not carnal….’ and realising this Bible truth that the Kingdom of God suffereth violence according to the Word of God, it becomes imperative that issues challenging the church and worshippers must be violently confronted in the place of prayer. In the Intercessory Ministry our goal is to uproot every hindrance to our true worship of the Almighty Father through our prayers and to lift the entire church unto the Throne of Grace.


How do we achieve our aims: For us in the Intercessory Ministry, it is either what God says or nothing, as we are never prepared to let the enemy have his way in the life of the church and her members. Therefore our motto is P.U.S.H which stands for, pray until something happens.


PRAYER IS THE KEY. You are welcome to join us.

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