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Power to convince and convert

The greatest blessing you can bring to another person is to introduce them to Jesus. God has entrusted you with the most powerful words anyone can utter. The message of Jesus has the power to transform people’s lives and we have the responsibility to take the message to them. There is enormous power in listening to the words of God. Paul refers to one of the most quoted passages in the entire Old Testament, Isaiah 6:9–10: ‘Go to this people and tell them this. When last did we tell people about Jesus? The bible says he that wins soul will shine like stars. As we share our faith, some are persuaded by what we share while some are drawn to God by our actions. As lights and salt of the earth, are we really drawing men to God with the rising of our light or are we driving them away from God with our actions. Paul was in house arrest but he derived a strategy to preach. Though he was still bound with a chain, he was able to call together the leaders of the Jews and gather large numbers to the place where he was staying. He sets us a good example by opening his home so that as many people as possible can hear the gospel. With all the freedom and privileges we have today and the facilities such as in social media, How far are we we doing in the area of spreading the good news? .We see the extraordinary power of Paul’s words. ‘Paul talked to them all day, consciously determine to speak to someone about Jesus and the Lord will bless you and you obey him in Jesus name. Amen

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